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FEBRUARY 2018-Welcome to My Website

You can be Organized using the Power of Lists

 This website is NOT for you if you are looking for an app for an electronic device or other up-to-the-minute trending organization ideas.  This website IS for you if you are looking for an old-fashioned LIST the kind you've always made and used with Paper.  The difference is these LISTS are pre-made for you.   Glance at them or print them out on paper and get organized. KayLee prides herself on being low-tech with fundamental LISTS. The majority of the Lists require a $1.00 per month (yearly $11.95) subscription fee--for unlimited downloading







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Watch KayLee on YouTube tell you how to get a meal on the table!

My Mission

My name is KayLee Parker and I've been in the organization business since 1992 , publishing books, lists,  presenting seminars and trying to get people organized.  The truth became evident right away.  Even when you show people step-by-step how to get organized, many of them cannot follow through on changing their daily habits.  People don't  have time to read a book.  They can't make a list--or a schedule--or prioritize. They can't find a copy machine to make copies of their lists.  What is a natural organizer to do if nobody will follow the instructions?  The answer- -simplify! 

After listening to frustrated people and analyzing their concerns, I came up with a radical, simplified system.  The process of getting organized begins with a list--a list to get you thinking about what has to be done. 

Many of you cannot make lists.  You forget important items.  You write on small pieces of paper that get lost.  You can't find a piece of paper and a pencil at the same time to make a list.  If you knew what you were supposed to do, you'd put it on the list, but you don't have a clue about the direction you need to go.

List Organizer is the answer to years of trial and error in solving the organization problem.  The Internet is just right  for my solution.  I make the lists.   You choose the ones you need and download them onto your home computer.  You use them as a foundation to get you organized!  Quick and simple.  


  Thank you for visiting the List Organizer Website--KayLee  
List Organizer offers samples of organizing Lists free each month.  See samples of the Lists before you buy: Pet Care; Sewing Kit; Grocery List--Alphabetical

$11.95 for One Year

Join the Member's Website.  Download 140 plus organizing Lists for one year. Pennies per list, priceless in getting organized.



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