Hello from KayLee


Happy New Year

January pops up on our calendars and we immediately assume, “It’s time to get organized.” I know this is true because of the website traffic I receive each January when the hits increase. Is January a good time to choose your goals, set a mission statement and start bringing in the New Year with new resolutions?

Yes—IF your Christmas is taken down, the Christmas decorations are put away and the house is restored from holiday parties and family gatherings.
No—IF you are still promising yourself to send out Christmas cards, you are still buying gifts that you need to send to people and the kitchen countertop is full of unfinished projects.
In other words, are you ready to take on another major project—which is what you are doing when you decide to change your habits and get organized?

Setting up rules for getting organized is quite simple. Any professional organizer can pop off at least 10 things you should do to get organized. The problem is it’s hard to stay on that path of 10 things as the year becomes July and life has interfered with your well-intentioned plans to use 2017 to improve your slovenly habits. After all, you're only human and doing the best you can!

Cheer up! In case you’ve made the decision to try to get organized in 2017. I’ll pop off about 10 things you can do to get organized and I won’t elaborate on them. You understand the routine. In fact, I’m sure you could pop off these 10 items if you read any magazines with ideas about “how to organize your life.”

• Bring together thoughts and dreams about your life and where you want to go, also called a mission statement.
• Set written goals for the year—plan where you are going.
• Procrastination will keep you from working towards success in 2017. Work on these goals throughout the year and don’t quit
• Be flexible enough to change or revise these goals and your mission statement.
• Reward yourself for successes in changing ingrained habits of disorganization.
• Find a person or a plan that will help you accomplish these goals. Sometimes you need a friend or a professional organizer to help you over some obstacles.
• Use a To-Do List to get you started and to keep you on track.
• Also keep a schedule or calendar to tell you where you need to be.
• And don’t worry if you don’t always follow through. Try again tomorrow.

Those are 9 things you can do to get organized since I told you I’d come up with about 10 things and it’s good to leave yourself some wiggle room for human frailty. Does that bother you? Okay, here’s the 10th item.
• Be kind and encouraging to yourself.

Thanks for sharing your valuable time with me. I believe you have what it takes to succeed because you have taken the time to research time management and want to improve.

 Happy 2017  KayLee