Hello from KayLee


April 2017--From List Organizer
    ZING--went the strings of my heart.  That's a line from an old song expressing happiness and exhilaration.  Sometimes we feel that way when good things are happening in our lives.  It might be a vacation, rocking a newborn baby to sleep, climbing a mountain, paying off a debt or just getting a good night's sleep.  Those "zing" moments come in large and small packages.
    Now let's talk about a time when the strings of life and heart are stretched thin so they squeal and squawk most of the time.  Let me give you an example.  It's Monday morning and you need to get out the door to work.  The clothes you need are dirty, need mending or ironing plus the shoes you wanted to wear need polishing or a trip to the repair shop.  In fact, it's not just the laundry that needs to be done, but you notice the house could use a good cleaning.   Your nerves are getting frayed and the doctor did give you samples of pills for your nerves only the pill came in blister packs and you can't even open them and who knows where the scissors are that could help.
    When you get into your car, the visor falls in front of you since the rubber band you've been using to hold it up just broke as your head hit it and all the mail you'd stuck up there after you'd picked it up at the post office box last night is now lying on the dirty floor mat.  You haven't left the driveway and you're starting to feel dumped on--a victim of life's little tribulations.  "Why me?" squeak the strings of your heart. 
    It's the little things piling up that drive us crazy until we lose our joy in living and become despondent.  How do I know this?  It's because people e-mail me every week with similar stores about how they are trying to recover from depression, frustration, withdrawal from life caused by too many little challenges tipping them into the blue zone.  There is no "zing" left, only withdrawal and giving up. 
    After they tell me about their struggle, they thank me and bless me for putting List Organizer on the website so all can find a new, easier path out of the darkness where the music of life is dull and back to the light where they  can find "zing" again.  List Organizer says that you don't have to get everything right to still be making progress.  Take my example above.  Maybe with all the disasters of that morning, you were still able to prepare a great breakfast and pack sack lunches because you planned menus and used the grocery list at the store so the food problem for the week was solved.  Pat yourself on the back because you had a "zing" moment when you took control of one part of your life.  You'll get to the laundry, closets, auto maintenance and mail later using the free lists at List Organizer.  Learn to put "zing" in your life one organization list at a time. 
    Four things I keep repeating:  
  1.  You don't need to be totally organized to be making progress.  Start and keep trying. 
  2. Get it out of your head and onto paper.
  3. You decide what is important to organize.  Set up your life so it makes sense to you with your own priorities.
  4. Do a little each day and check it off on a list since this gives you a feeling of accomplishment
    I had a woman this month write to me about her kitchen which was a mess after raising four children and living in the same place for years.  Her e-mail expressed surprise that by following these little rules, she now had a kitchen that was as clean as if she'd just moved in.  She didn't think she could complete such a project.  That made her feel happy and confident.
    In the big scheme of life, I may be one of the only people to tell you that something like a clean kitchen is a huge accomplishment.  I wish I could hand out certificates to all who complete these personal goals.  They get paid only when they open a drawer that is now straightened and realize they have crossed a finish line and done something they didn't think was possible.  Congratulations to all you who privately continue on trying to complete personal organization goals.  You are fabulous people with determination.
    In April 2017 we are continuing with our goal to get rid of stacks of paper and get them filed.  This month sounds simple--sort and purge your files--only it is such a tedious, time-consuming job, that you may not want to continue.  Just follow rule #1.  Start filing a little each day or schedule a big block of time and make yourself finish.  Either way, make progress.  Look at Paper Sort for instructions.  Also at the bottom of this list is a purge list to let you know about how long you need to keep some papers.  It's only a guess since I'm not an accountant or lawyer, but these are the time periods I use for storing documents.  Unfortunately, some of what you file you will never need again, so think about that before you stick some pieces of paper into a file.  If you are like me, you put off filing, but if you have a file category set up for each piece of paper in your stack, it goes quickly.  Keep trying.  KayLee