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Newsletter December 2011

Thank you for visiting the List Organizer website.  The owner, KayLee Parker, has been a professional organizer since 1992, publishing books and information to help you get organized in your personal life. 

In 2000, the List Organizer website was launched providing free lists to people throughout the world.  In October 2003, a book, Lists for Muddle Management, was published that included 125 of KayLee's Lists plus her instructions for getting organized. 

In August, 2004, the website was changed to a mainly, subscription service and the Power of Lists was expanded. 

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Company History

  KayLee Parker visualized List Organizer in January 2000 and was thrown into the world of  the Internet, domain names, website design, merchant accounts, host servers and search engines.   List Organizer launched September 2000 with a few Lists and an idea that the website would share KayLee's unique organizing style with the world. 

KayLee started teaching about personal organization in 1992 with a few concepts about how to get people organized.  Her first organization business was called, Your Mom's Organizers, which reflected her personal approach to the business of getting organized.

While many of her early concepts about  trying to organize a home were ideas she used to organize her own home, the basic concept of using Lists to assist people has remained the basis for List Organizer.  KayLee still believes the best way to get organized with the least amount of effort is to use a well-made List and follow those simple directions.  The website now contains over 125 pages of Lists. 

To cap off the long-term idea KayLee envisioned for the Power of Lists, she's authored a book Lists for Muddle Management which contains her system and instructions for personal organization.  The second part of the book includes the 125 Lists that people use to do everything from clean their house and automobile to organize their children, move across country or gain control of the paper mess.

In addition she publishes three special packets (Meal Organizer, Travel Organizer, Budget Organizer) so the client fills in the blanks with little effort to manage these parts of living.  For example the Travel Organizer includes a Packing List, a Clothing Planner,  Tips for Travel, What to do Before you Leave Home, Instructions for the House sitter and the Child Care Provider and a Budget to keep track of expenses on the trip. 

KayLee realizes that professional organizers can't visit every home on a one-to-one basis, so this book and her packets allow people access to her ideas at any time and any place.  You don't need her sitting at your desk to help you organize your menus since her system gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Today the website statistics boast millions of hits from 80 countries and lots of "thank you" e-mails from people who find simplicity and motivation in  List Organizer the Power of Lists.  KayLee's struggles as a mother of four, at home with no board of directors or paid employees to help with the work overload, led to this conclusion:  "If you want to get organized, use a List from List Organizer."

Author Personal History--KayLee Parker, creator of Lists

  Kay Lee's birth came in Atascadero, California on a winter's day.  Her mom, dad, sister, brother and KayLee soon headed to Colorado where KayLee spent her school days and graduated from high school in Denver, Colorado.  Her parents owned one of the first discount stores in Denver, so KayLee learned early how to answer telephones (she still remembers saying Alpine 5-7081 at the beginning of every incoming call) and how to count the cash register at the end of the day so they could go home.  Her favorite time was Christmas when the store sold toys and she had a hands on view of the new gadgets.

In the Sixties she headed west to college in Utah and found out what it was to be really cold walking to class where the sun didn't shine until noon because of the mountains on the east.  After a few changes in her college study major and a stint dropping out to work because there were no student loans to supplement tuition back then, KayLee graduated with a degree in communications/journalism and headed out to become--a mother, three months after college graduation.  Yes, she'd said "I do" three years earlier and they'd spent 2 years in the U.S. Army in Nuremberg, Germany after her husband became a draftee.  They traveled around Europe visiting museums and mountains and seashores and historic monuments, then the two headed back to take up college study again.

Her degree went above the washing machine for a while after the birth of a son back when  real women washed cloth diapers in Clorox.  After her husband's graduation, the family moved to Denver where they added two children, a son, and a daughter.  The time in Denver became days of  more disorganization as life continued, the family grew and the clutter took over.

In 1978, the family moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado and settled down to raise the family.  Another daughter joined the family in 1980 and the dishes, laundry, cleaning, pets, schedules and routine were out of control.  KayLee started reading many books about how to get organized and all those magazines that touted the latest idea for pulling it together.  A few changes were made, but life was spinning along and KayLee's body and soul were wearing down from too much work and not enough sleep. 

Working smart had to be the answer since she couldn't add time to her day.  KayLee started with a Grocery List and Menu Planners to organize the meals which were very important to a family of six.  The list making continued, then new ideas were formed and one day she found she qualified as  a "Professional Organizer" as determined by the National Association of Professional Organizers.  The family was always the guinea pigs for all her new ideas and modifications before she presented them at seminars and in writing.  The List Organizer system was refined as the years continued and KayLee called it "simple solutions for complex problems."

In 2001, KayLee tired of the traffic and noise and blizzards of Colorado Springs and said, "Let's move to a warm place far from traffic somewhere in the western United States."  Hubby liked St. George, Utah, and the couple moved along with an Internet connection for their baby, the website and business, to Hurricane, Utah at the entrance to Zion National Park, Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon. 



Do you like getting your information by downloading files from the Internet?  List Organizer offers the Power of Lists through a subscription website, only $11.95 a year to download 140 plus Lists.

Printed Publications

A book, Lists for Muddle Management, includes KayLee's advice for getting organized plus 125 Lists printed together with a downloadable CD. 
bulletIn addition List Organizer publishes grocery lists, menu planners, travel /packing organizers and budget planners.

When you want your information quickly (within 24 hours) download Lists for Muddle Management as an E-Book.  Special, $.99

99 Cent Special

Compact Discs

List Organizer offers two compact discs

bulletFirst CD includes the entire book (288 pages) and may be printed in its entirety or downloaded one page as needed.
bulletSecond CD includes 125 Lists for downloading without KayLee's advice.


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