Chapter One

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Here's the beginning of the book, Lists for Muddle Management


                  Does Getting Organized take more Time than I Have?


            When you moved away from home, did you wish your mother had given you an instruction book showing you how to take care of yourself?  Mom hoped you had learned all there was to know by observing her example.  That was a wonderful beginning, but you are not Mom, and what you want in a personal organization system is different from Mom. You need a personal planning system that is flexible, simple to use, easy to setup and to maintain.

             Keep reading and you will discover that you have that organization program in your hand.  Mom administered the family according to her rules.  Now you can determine which of Mom's rules you want to keep in your life and which you want to change.  The system taught by List Organizer will allow you to emphasize areas of life that you consider important and to de-emphasize the unimportant.  That means you can keep your automobile maintained in tip-top shape while ignoring your messy closet.  Or you can plan and prepare well-balanced meals while you give the house minimum upkeep. 

             Using the charts and lists in this series you will take charge of your life.  You will determine which types of activities interest you and which you want to control.  You get to do it your way instead of my way or Mom's way. 

             Enough about Mom.  She did the best she could.  In fact, she may have given you this book because she knows it will help you change some bad habits and develop some good habits.   Compare the plan taught in this series to a diet where you get to choose your meal plans, including portions, and you still lose weight.  This is your dream organization plan.



         It is not a complicated system.  The materials you need to start are mostly included in this book.  In Chapter 5 there are instructions for buying a calendar or planner for scheduling which is an important part of time management.  As you print out the Lists, you may add three ring binders or folders to store your lists. Too simple?  No!  Just follow the basic instructions and begin organizing your life. 

         Here is one of the best parts--you do not have to buy and read the entire series to begin.  In fact, most of you will never try all the Lists or read all the chapters because some will not interest you.  That does not matter.  You may choose which parts concern you and day by day, you will establish a routine that will help you complete tasks you now struggle to perform. Since you will be dividing work into smaller segments and learning how to schedule your time, you will find keeping diverse areas of your life under control is not as hard as you thought.



            When I read, I like to skim books and gather lots of good ideas in a hurry.  Wordiness is not my style.  Maybe it is not yours either.  That is why I have tried to condense an unreasonable amount of material into charts and lists which are easy and quick to read.  You benefit by receiving substantial information in a little space. 

             Every reader should read Chapters 1, 2, 3, and fill in the life planning charts in Chapter 3.   This will assist you in discovering which parts of your life you want to organize--today, next week, and never. 

             The books and lists and individual packets published by List Organizer consist of charts itemizing hundreds of categorized chores which the reader can use to structure his life.  Next comes the fun part.  You can select which errands you like and ignore the rest.   Even more important, you can decide how often you want to attend to these errands. 

             Next you will learn how to collect all this varied information and how to design a blueprint for daily living.  The blueprint is recorded in a daily planner/personal calendar or the Weekly To-Do Lists (52 per year) or the Monthly To-Do Lists (12 per year).  Each morning or night, look at your blueprint and follow through by completing the errand or, if you are too busy, reschedule it. You will be surprised how positively you will gain control of your life. 

             Does the work go away?  Unfortunately, no.  However, now you can plan ahead so it doesn't engulf you.  It isn't all dull, either.  You can plan the play times in life too. The difference is you won't feel guilty about taking off for fun because you have command of life's daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities.

             Begin your journey into taking care of life's little tasks.  Mom would be proud.