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List Organizer's Book available on CD-Rom

Contains over 125 Lists and KayLee's instructions

If you've ever complained about the Lists not printing onto the correct page or spilling over with one line to the next page, you will love this CD Rom.  All the Lists are formatted correctly for printing.    The CD Rom allows you to print the Lists straight from your computer onto your printer. Each day my e-mail is filled with questions about what to do beyond the Lists on the website.  This book contains the answers to your questions.
There are over 25 Lists not included on the website.  In addition, KayLee presents her time management instructions to help you set up To-Do Lists and finally get organized.  So many of you need more than just the Lists to succeed at getting organized.  This will help you learn to set up your own Personalized Planning System that is flexible, easy to use and may be modified as your lifestyle changes. 
To read the first Chapter of the book, Click Here  To see the Table of Contents for the book, Click Here
Two ways to buy on CD Rom:  The LISTs only or the full book with time management instructions.

Special CD containing the Lists only.  This was developed for QVC and is now available to List Organizer customers for only $2.95

If all you want is to be able to print out the Lists and don't want all the information from the book, this is the product you need.  The 125 Lists have been replicated onto this CD so you may print them out at your convenience, formatted to work on your printer.
  $2.95   125 Lists Only  (no instructions)
 $9.95  Book on CD Rom (includes the entire 286 pages of the book)
$9.95  Lists for Muddle Management, 286 pages (You must have a CD Rom Drive on your Computer to use this product)  Adobe Reader for Windows is included on the CD.  Adobe Reader for IMac may be downloaded for free to read the book.


ORDERING INFORMATION:  List Organizer accepts credit card payments (Visa or Master Charge) through PayPal which also accepts debit payments from a bank account. You may use your existing account if you are all ready a member or sign up for free with no further obligations.    OR: You may send a check or money order to List Organizer, P.O. Box 853, Hurricane UT 84737--use the easy Mail Order Form.  Do not add shipping charges for the e-book. Trouble Ordering the Products?