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Holiday To Do Chart

What Needs To Be Done--Plan Your Work

(Cross out tasks that you will not be doing this year)

Target Date to be completed--Schedule Work

Who will be completing this task?

Check When Finished

Address holiday cards / stamps / return address labels / photo      
       and Mail holiday cards      
 Clean the house--use the Clean House List      
Cut Christmas tree       
Decorate Christmas tree      
Decorate inside the house      
Decorate outside the house / yard      
Deliver gifts      
       and Mail boxes with gifts      
Exchange names for group giving      
Make baked goods      
Make decorations / ornaments      
Make holiday cards      
Make gifts / gift wrap / crafts      
Make holiday recipe binder      
Make memory scrap book      
Open bank account for next year's holiday savings plan      
Organize gift wrap box      
Plan budget for this year      
Plan entertaining / schedule dates--use Party Planner      
Plan food and menu lists      
Plan travel      
Print holiday address labels      
Print holiday pre-printed cards      
Print holiday letter--plan and write letter      
Print photo greeting cards      
Purchase beverages      
Purchase candles      
Purchase decorations / ornaments       
Purchase holiday cards      
Purchase food      
Purchase film, camera, batteries      
Purchase flowers, evergreen boughs, mistletoe      
Purchase gifts--keep track of gifts as they are purchased            Plan travel days for buying gifts at out-of-town stores      
Purchase gifts from catalogs and from the Internet      
Purchase gift certificates      
Purchase gift wrap, ribbons, tags, etc      
Purchase holiday stamps      
Purchase holiday table linens      
Purchase mailing supplies      
Purchase stocking stuffer gifts      
Purchase tickets to holiday music and drama presentations      
Purchase Christmas tree      
Schedule babysitters      
Schedule Christmas caroling      
Schedule family photo      
Schedule religious activities      
Schedule time for family      
Schedule time for relaxation      
Schedule visit to hospital or nursing home for service      
Schedule volunteer work      
Wrap gifts      
This list is alphabetized and not categorized with first things first.  Plan your personalized timetable using the 2nd column. If you come from a part of the world with different traditions, change the list to fit your individual holiday plans.  Happy holidays.