72 Hour Kit

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In preparing for an emergency, a 72 Hour Kit is often mentioned.  This Kit is prepared now in anticipation of emergency evacuation away from your home because of natural or manmade disaster.  The contents of this Kit could help you survive for 3 days (72 hours) without help from government agencies, family or friends. Once a disaster strikes, it's too late to gather these items.  Prepare a Kit now for each member of your family and keep them in a backpack ready to place on the back before you leave the disaster area. 

Column One--What you need to buy and put in each Kit

Column Two-Six--Mark off when Kit is complete for each member of your family or household

Column Seven--Cost of each individual item to pre-plan the budget

Column Eight--Estimated cost to complete each item for all of the Kits for your budget planning.

Purchase items as you can afford them.  Rotate the food every year for freshness and the clothing as clothing sizes change.  Not every Kit will need every item.  Each Kit should have water, food and clothing for the person.  Inside each Kit put an identification label with the person's name, address, telephone number, and emergency contact information and any special medical needs.

72 Hour Kit

Container for Kit--Backpack, Suitcase, Plastic bucket, Duffle bag              
Water--Bottled, Plastic container, Canteen              
Water purification tablets or portable filter              
Food--Dried fruit or fruit leather
bullet Canned meat (Fish, chicken, ham)
bullet Chili, Soup, Beef stew
bullet Dried meat (Jerky)
bullet Freeze dried foods
bullet Powdered drink mixes (lemonade, hot chocolate, fruit punch, tea, coffee)
bullet Bouillon cubes
bullet Sugar packets
bullet Hard candy
bullet Granola and energy bars
bullet Crackers / Popcorn
bullet Nuts
bullet Cereal
bullet Cooking pot or pan with lid
bullet Pancake turner
bullet Cooking spoon or ladle, fork
bullet Knife
bullet Hot pad
bullet Sheets of aluminum foil
bullet Sheets of paper towels
bullet Garbage or plastic bags
bullet Can opener
bullet Metal or plastic plates / bowls
bullet Metal or plastic spoon, fork, knife
bullet Drinking cups
bullet Napkins or paper towels
bullet Shirt (tops), Sweater
bullet Pants (bottoms)
bullet Coat
bullet Hats, gloves
bullet Socks, sturdy shoes
bullet Belt
bullet Flashlight
bullet Extra batteries
bullet Emergency, long-burning candle
bullet Road flare
bullet Cell telephone or GPS locator
bullet Radio with extra batteries
bullet Mirror for signaling
bullet Compass / Maps
bullet Whistle / Balloon for distress signal
Personal care needs
bullet Toilet paper / Facial tissue
bullet Soap / Shampoo / Conditioner
bullet Toothbrush / Toothpaste / Dental floss
bullet Insect repellent
bullet Feminine hygiene products
bullet Lip balm / Lotion
bullet Towel / Washcloth / Moistened towels
Prescription medications              
Vitamin pills              
Drivers license              
Telephone calling card              
bullet Cash, including change
bullet Credit and debit cards
bullet Check
Automobile with gasoline tank filled or bicycle              
Wagon, Stroller or Wheelbarrow might help you move your personal belongs out of area              
Tool Kit--
bullet Ax
bullet Camp shovel
bullet Knife
bullet Pliers, Wrench, Screwdriver
bullet Fire extinguisher
bullet Saw
bullet Wire
bullet Duct tape
bullet Rope
bullet Scissors
Shelter--Tent, Sleeping Bag              
First Aid & Medications--See First Aid Kit              
Buckets for water and waste              
Gasoline can and funnel              
Pen or pencil, small pad of paper              
Sterno, fuel for cooking              
Waterproof matches              
Camera with film              
Infants--Add these items
bullet Formula / Bottles
bullet Diapers
bullet Baby food
bullet Pacifier
bullet Baby blanket
bullet Small toy
bullet Car seat or stroller

Before you leave your home, if there is time, Shut off water;  Turn down the furnace or turn off the electricity if needed; Close and lock windows and doors; Board up windows if necessary; Gather family heirlooms, photographs, computer, etc.

Very important: (Keep in safe deposit box or fireproof safe or box)  Important: (Keep in safe place in the house so others can find this information)
Adoption papers Automobile registration, maintenance
Automobile titles (Include other titles for boats, trailers, etc.) Bank statements with cancelled checks     (3 years for personal)
Bank savings certificates and information Copies of information that is in the safe-deposit box
Birth certificates Credit card information, statements, etc.
Citizenship papers Education information (diplomas, financial aid, correspondence)
Custody agreements Employment history
Death certificates and papers Home improvement information
Divorce decree and papers Income statements, pay stubs
Household inventory Insurance information, statements
Insurance policies Investment information, statements
Leases Loan information
Legal documents (contracts, bill of sales, court papers, etc. Mortgage statements
Licenses Receipts for major purchases
Marriage licenses Social security information
Medical and immunization records Tax receipts for itemized deductions
Military records Tax returns along with all forms and receipts needed for audits
Mortgage and closing papers, titles Warranties and service contracts
Stock certificates