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Leave me comments about your experience visiting List Organizer or leave a suggestion for a List you would like to see included. Your e-mail address is not shared nor sold to other companies unless you click to their website from List Organizer and they may leave you cookies. 

If you read about the web site in a newspaper or from another web link, please leave a comment telling me about the article. Sometimes your note is the only way I know about publicity.  Also, I appreciate it when you tell me about other websites that are plagiarizing the Lists.   Your suggestions help modify List Organizer to make it better.  Thank you.  KayLee Parker



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Do you like getting your information by downloading files from the Internet?  List Organizer offers the Power of Lists through a subscription website, only $11.95 a year to download 140 plus Lists.

Printed Publications

A book, Lists for Muddle Management, includes KayLee's advice for getting organized plus 125 Lists printed together with a downloadable CD. 
bulletIn addition List Organizer publishes grocery lists, menu planners, travel /packing organizers and budget planners.

When you want your information quickly (within 24 hours) download Lists for Muddle Management as an E-Book.  Special, $.99

99 Cent Special

Compact Discs

List Organizer offers two compact discs

bulletFirst CD includes the entire book (288 pages) and may be printed in its entirety or downloaded one page as needed.
bulletSecond CD includes 125 Lists for downloading without KayLee's advice.


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