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Home Decor & Gifts There are hundreds of good websites selling products to help you beautify and organize your life.  The great thing about browsing online is you can shop in your old, comfortable clothes and there are no sales people to hurry you along.  Listed below are some websites I enjoy.  It doesn't cost anything to browse and get ideas and sometimes you can find a product that will help you.  Some of these websites sell organization products while others sell home office products, gardening products or kitchen and linen products.  Be sure to check for the "Outlet" or "Clearance" areas on these sites. 

As always, I caution you not to buy an organization product unless it's really going to help you and will work in your home.  I've wasted too much money on products that were more bother to use than what I all ready had.  Good shopping.  Remember if you buy something, record it on your Credit Card or Budget lists. List Organizer is not libel for any purchases made through these companies. These company owned websites are independent of List Organizer.  This page contains Home Decor and Gifts.  For Filing, Gardening, Pets, and Baby Items Let's Shop 2.


Holiday Flowers www.1-800-flowers.com     Amazing that you can order even perishable flowers over the Internet and have them delivered to your mother or sister or friends who live far away, but this company does that for you.  Convenience is great.


  www.containerstore.com  Closet, Kitchen, Storage, Home Office, Collections, Boxes & wrap, Garage, Travel, Shelving, Bath & Laundry. If you want to get organized, you need to look at this website-- specialized containers & products are available.

www.crateandbarrel.com Dinnerware, Flatware, Glassware, Kitchen, Furniture, Home accessories, Lighting, Textiles, Bath, Closet, Kids

www.furnitureonline.com  Buy furniture on the Internet along with decorations for your home. This includes tips for decorating your home, home fashions, bedding, rugs, window coverings,  bathroom supplies.

www.healthyhome.com  A wide range of products for those afflicted with allergies or concerned with the environment.  Bedroom, Bathroom, Building supplies, Air filtration, Water filtration, Personal care products, Children's toys.

 www.hickoryfarms.com  When I lived by a large mall, I could buy these products any day.  Now I'm glad for the Internet where I can order these gift products, and get some for me, everyday. 

  www.levenger.com  Sells higher-priced products for filing, organizing, office supplies, furniture if you have the money to pamper yourself or others.

Banner 10000027 www.linenplace.com If the thought of a night's sleep in soft sheets and under downy comforters intrigues you, try this site.


Sweet Tupperware Specials/120x60/10000085  www.tupperware.com Remember when you had to go to a Tupperware party to get these great products?  Now you can buy them on the Internet and take your time to look at all the new colors and products.  These are some of the best food containers available.

Williams-Sonomawww.williams-sonomainc.com  Includes Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn for Kids, Hold Everything (lots of containers.)