Printing the Lists--Trouble

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Sometimes people write and wonder why they have trouble printing the Lists.  People are only able to print part of a  list and other times a list prints out fine.  Usually it has to do with the memory in your individual printers.  If you have an older printer which was manufactured for home printing and not Internet printing, it won't have much memory.  Some of the Lists contain so much information plus tables or graphics that they won't print on older or memory short machines. 

Try printing one of the smaller lists to tell if you are getting the information from the Internet.  Examples of smaller lists are:

bulletWhat to take on a hike    7 KB
bulletSewing kit                         8 KB
bulletDiaper bag                       9 KB

Examples of medium sized lists are:

bulletMonthly To Do                 19 KB
bulletClothes inventory            16 KB
bulletBudget                             22 KB
bulletBathrooms                       25 KB

The largest Lists and the hardest to print are:

bulletPersonal care                55 KB
bulletAuto maintenance         58 KB
bulletGarden design               65 KB
bulletMoving                            61 KB
bulletWeekly to do dated       66 KB
bulletWedding                        71 KB

And the two largest and hardest to print are the Grocery Lists

bulletAlphabetical                 95 KB
bulletCategory                     188 KB

Try highlighting the text on the List, copying it onto the clipboard, pasting it into a word processing program on your computer and printing from there.  Highlight the text and paste if you want to print in black and white and not color. 

IIf you want the Lists to print and fit on a page,  Select All from your toolbar, Copy, Paste into a word processing program on your computer and Print from there.  Or click on Shrink to Fit before you print.

Or, buy the CD Lists for Muddle Management and then you are able to print all the Lists formatted correctly.