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Welcome to List Organizer's online Media Kit.  Thank you for your interest in this unique method of helping people organize their personal life and manage their time.   Choose from the following pages that will give you the information you need to prepare a press release or a story about List Organizer and KayLee Parker.  All information is provided with the stipulation that the website address:  is included within the story.  The Lists may be mentioned and a brief sample may be included in an article.  Including an entire list for publication is not appropriate under copyright laws.. 

 If you would like to schedule an interview with KayLee, e-mail her at or call, 435-635-2314.  Talk radio shows are a favorite with KayLee, so schedule a session now to talk about


setting goals and following through


cleaning a house and then keeping it clean


traveling to far away places--even with children


getting control of finances


how to make a meal planner for a week 


setting up a file system, controlling the mail, and not losing tax documents


And, general personal organized--how to make it simple


The two "P" words that stop us from getting organized


KayLee answers on air questions from listeners and will include book giveaways

List Organizer  A small idea becomes a website

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Press Release:  A press release about KayLee's book, Lists for Muddle Management

My Mission

My name is KayLee Parker and I've been in the organization business since 1992, publishing books, lists,  presenting seminars and trying to get people organized.  The truth became evident right away.  Even when you show people step-by-step how to get organized, many of them cannot follow through on changing their daily habits.  People don't  have time to read a book.  They can't make a list--or a schedule--or prioritize.  They can't find a copy machine to make copies of their lists.  What is a natural organizer to do if nobody will follow the instructions?  The answer--simplify!  

After listening to frustrated people and analyzing their concerns, I came up with a radical, simplified system.  The process of getting organized begins with a list--a list to get you thinking about what has to be done. 

Many of you cannot make lists.  You forget important items.  You write on small pieces of paper that get lost.  You can't find a piece of paper and a pencil at the same time to make a list.  If you knew what you were supposed to do, you'd put it on the list, but you don't have a clue about the direction you need to go.  On and on.

List Organizer is the answer to years of trial and error in solving the organization problem.  The Internet is just right  for my solution.  I make the lists.   You choose the ones you need and download them onto your home computer.  You use them as a foundation to get you organized!  Quick and simple.