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You don't realize it yet, but in the next two minutes you are going to learn how to finally get organized in your personal life.  The secrets of personal organization escaped me for years as I tried this system, bought many books, set up planning systems, tried to deal with procrastination and felt good if I kept my head above water for another day.  Here is the condensed version of my story and what led me to the 136 Lists I share with you.  
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KayLee and the story of List Organizer

KayLee started teaching about personal organization in 1992 with a few concepts about how to get people organized.  Her first organization business was called, Your Mom's Organizers, which reflected her personal approach to the business of getting organized.

KayLee Parker visualized List Organizer in January 2000 and was thrown into the world of  the Internet, domain names, website design, merchant accounts, host servers and search engines.   List Organizer launched September 2000 with a few Lists and an idea that the website would share KayLee's unique organizing style with the world. 

While many of her early concepts about  trying to organize a home were ideas she used to organize her own home, the basic concept of using Lists to assist people has remained the basis for List Organizer.  KayLee still believes the best way to get organized with the least amount of effort is to use a well-made List and follow those simple directions.  The website now contains over 125 pages of Lists. 

KayLee started with a Grocery List and Menu Planners to organize the meals which were very important to her family of six.  The list making continued, then new ideas were formed and one day she found she qualified as  a "Professional Organizer" as determined by the National Association of Professional Organizers.  The family was always the guinea pigs for all her new ideas and modifications before she presented them at seminars and in writing.  The List Organizer system was refined as the years continued and KayLee called it "simple solutions for complex problems."

To cap off the long-term idea KayLee envisioned for the Power of Lists, she's authored a book Lists for Muddle Management which contains her system and instructions for personal organization.  The second part of the book includes the 125 Lists that people use to do everything from clean their house and automobile to organize their children, move across country or gain control of the paper mess.

In addition she publishes three special packets (Meal Organizer, Travel Organizer, Budget Organizer) so the client fills in the blanks with little effort to manage these parts of living.  For example the Travel Organizer includes a Packing List, a Clothing Planner,  Tips for Travel, What to do Before you Leave Home, Instructions for the House sitter and the Child Care Provider and a Budget to keep track of expenses on the trip. 

KayLee realizes that professional organizers can't visit every home on a one-to-one basis, so this book and her packets allow people access to her ideas at any time and any place.  You don't need her sitting at your desk to help you organize your menus since her system gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Today the website statistics boast millions of hits from 80 countries and lots of "thank you" e-mails from people who find simplicity and motivation in  List Organizer the Power of Lists.  KayLee's struggles as a mother of four, at home with no board of directors or paid employees to help with the work overload, led to this conclusion:  "If you want to get organized, use a List from List Organizer."

So that's my story and the reason you will be helped is because you don't have to take years to figure out how to get organized.  Just print out any of the Lists, follow the instructions and you will know what to do.


Testimonial  I'm am and autistic person and lists are essential to autistic persons.  I am a member of several autistic groups and am giving lectures upon autism and how to cope with that. The mean problem is always that we know how to do a thing but that we just can not get started with it, and if we start on a task then we are always disturbed if  we do not have a written down scheme of how to perform a certain task. Take a cook book and just try to make a thing, you will always get a  bad result because the writer of the cook book if knowing some things which are essential but is just not mentioning those things in his-her book. That information the writer is withholding is the reason why you can not make any recipe out of a cook book with a good result and the same goes for us. Every little step has to be explicited to us, otherwise we just forget a single thing and then we get a bad result or we just block in the process or start doing the same thing again not knowing what we did wrong, but we just did everything the right way but keep getting a bad result because of not explicited information.
> A good problem of an autistic problem is taking a train. You get to the train station and your train is always starting from gate 7, so you go to gate seven and get up the train, even the days that the train is not starting from gate 7 but from another gate.  I hope your lists will help me and other autistic persons.  
> Kind regards  Guy from Belgium



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Encouragement--to help you change your life and develop new habits

Testimonials:  I told you  that as I try to keep up the pace with this old world, I find your information and lists absolutely, positively, extremely, life-savingly (is that a word!?) wonderful. I've always been active and these complications in my life are hard to deal with and if I can only get these piles of stuff that I've accumulated out of my house it would be heavenly. And I'm trying. Thank you for sharing with everyone your knowledge and skills. IT IS APPRECIATED.

KayLee, The help with your wonderful lists has changed my life!!! And my husbands life (not to mention kids), I can not thank you enough. I do not have the kind of mind that can organize but with your help..I went from chaos to order in every way..God Bless You.




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