Colors and Feelings

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Colors and their Feelings

This information is helpful when decorating a house, an office, or planning clothing outfits.

  1. Black is bold, dramatic, confident, sophisticated.

  2. White is purity, cleansing, sacred, neutral.

  3. Gray is sophisticated, contemporary, hi-tech. 

  4. Red is energetic, passionate, powerful, the sun.

  5. Blue is calm, melancholy, loving, the sky and water.

  6. Yellow is cheerful, happy, bright, the glow of the sun.

  7. Green combines blue and yellow.  It is stable, calming, expansive, the trees, grass and shrubs.

  8. Purple combines blue and red.  It is royal, elegant, sophisticated, velvet.

  9. Orange combines yellow and red.  It is hurried, on-the-move, energetic.

  10. Turquoise has more green than blue and is a happy shade.

  11. Peach has more yellow than red and is calmer than orange.