What papers to keep

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Keep these papers in a secure place

Very important: (Keep in safe deposit box or fireproof safe or box)  Important: (Keep in safe place in the house so others can find this information)
Adoption papers Automobile registration, maintenance
Automobile titles (Include other titles for boats, trailers, etc.) Bank statements with cancelled checks     (3 years for personal)
Bank savings certificates and information Copies of information that is in the safe-deposit box
Birth certificates Credit card information, statements, etc.
Citizenship papers Education information (diplomas, financial aid, correspondence)
Custody agreements Employment history
Death certificates and papers Home improvement information
Divorce decree and papers Income statements, pay stubs
Household inventory Insurance information, statements
Insurance policies Investment information, statements
Leases Loan information
Legal documents (contracts, bill of sales, court papers, etc. Mortgage statements
Licenses Receipts for major purchases
Marriage licenses Social security information
Medical and immunization records Tax receipts for itemized deductions
Military records Tax returns along with all forms and receipts needed for audits
Mortgage and closing papers, titles Warranties and service contracts
Stock certificates