bullet List Organizer accepts Master Charge, Visa, Discover, American Express and E-Checks through PayPal. 

We also accept checks and money orders--use the Order Form for snail mail. We ship within 48 hours.

bullet PayPal is owned by e-Bay.  Many of you have joined PayPal to complete payment for auctions on e-Bay and you have an account set up. 
bullet PayPal only allows you to have one account to prevent fraud, so you can't set up an account to purchase products on List Organizer if you all ready have an account when you purchase an item on e-Bay.  You must use your existing account.
bullet If you are new to PayPal, you need to complete a brief signup of your credit card information.  It is free and is easier than ever.
bullet PayPal is a separate company from List Organizer.  PayPal is  the agent of List Organizer to collect money and verify your address and credit card numbers.
bullet If you have trouble ordering after you have clicked on the Add to Cart button, the trouble is probably with PayPal or your computer is blocking you with a firewall or security system.
bullet If you have trouble ordering before you click on the button, contact List Organizer at kaylee@listorganizer.com for technical help.
bullet Using PayPal is free for you and does not add to the total of your order.
bullet List Organizer has a shopping cart system with PayPal and you may order any of the products in any quantity. 
bullet Still having trouble?  E-mail List Organizer at kaylee@listorganizer.com or leave a message on the Feedback Page.