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Home Up About List O Publicity In The News #2

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  True or false: you will never get organized, never finish all your chores and above all never understand time management. Don’t answer “True” until you check out a new book, Lists for Muddle Management from professional organizer, KayLee Parker.  Flip through 125 Lists that detail unmanageable parts of living, subdivides them into controllable tasks and gets you organized one List at a time.

 Do you have trouble with meal organization, travel planning, budgeting, or household maintenance?  Parker has done the work for you and simplified these chores. Fill-in-the blanks on the pre-made Lists, check off the completed work and it may be magic or a miracle but you start to see improvement in your home life.

Parker’s successful website, List Organizer ( receives millions of hits from desperate people looking for help with their untidy lives.  Bypassing the philosophical theories of time management, Parker’s shapes the details of living into numerous Lists that teach you how to deep clean a house or take care of an automobile or plan for the holiday season.

Don’t leave the house without “Places I Need to Go” the preplanned List so you don’t forget the dry cleaning, to drop off the film at the photo store or to stop at the bank the post office and the library.

If human beings less than 18 years of age reside in your home, Parker teaches you how to delegate to them, gives you ideas for chores and throws in a budget planner for youth or children.  Even pet care is included for animal organization.

The end of the book helps you create a plan for your funeral, gives you ideas for what needs to be done in a divorce and has 37 reasons why you’ve been a failure and can’t succeed at organization.  Then Parker leads you into the final List which encourages you to succeed, at last, in getting organized.

Purchase Lists for Muddle Management from the List Organizer website, available in three formats (CD Rom; e-book; print book) plus utilize the many free Lists on the site.  E-mail Parker at for more information.







When the bare cupboards yield a can of sauerkraut and a bag of Oreo cookies for dinner, it’s time to open the new book, Lists for Muddle Management and discover a step-by-step guide to planning your menus and meals.  Plus find a pre-made list that reminds you to wash the shower curtain, change the oil in the car, feed the cat, set up a filing system and pay the bills.

This book bypasses theory and heads for the practical side of personal organization where tasks are planned, scheduled, delegated and completed.  Imagine a professional organizer knocking at your door with 125 Lists to tell you “How to Deep Clean a Bedroom” or “Plan Weekly Menus” as well as “Keep Track of Credit Cards.”  No aspect of life has been overlooked including the last section which helps you pre-plan your funeral if you feel ready for that chore.

Unfinished lists confuse us so author KayLee Parker started with one grocery list and kept creating lists until 125 complete Lists now control the muddle in life. For example the Travel Section gives you travel tips, lists things to do before you leave home, lets you fill in important information for the house sitter, gives you a list for the child care provider and then adds your own packing list so you don’t forget important items.

Parker also directs the website where she’s been dispensing advice to clients in 80 countries for ten years on top of her twenty years as a professional organizer.  Lists for Muddle Management is available from the website as a print book, CD-Rom or e-book or from  List Organizer’s website also offers free, downloadable lists for the disorganized person tired of life’s confusion. E-mail Parker at for more information or to receive a free newsletter with organizing tips.