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Lists for Muddle Management

 Book --All the Lists and Instructions--available in three formats:

 Soft cover print; Electronic Book, CD-Rom

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Getting Organized—worthwhile

How much would you pay to have a professional organizer come to your home to organize a closet or desk?

$50 an hour

$100 an hour

 How much would it be worth to you to learn how to bring calm into your home where chaos now reigns, changing your habits and those of your family with a professional organizer teaching you the secrets of getting organized that will stay with you forever?


$1000 or more

 Staying Organized-- invaluable

 Yes, you understand it’s more valuable to be taught how to get organized rather than having somebody help you rearrange or remove clutter.  Do not wait until you can afford to have someone come in and makeover your life or anticipate that you’ll win the sweepstakes on one of those “We’ll Redo Your Room” television shows.

 The solution to this problem is as close as a book, Lists for Muddle Management, subtitled, Personal Organization for the Muddled Life.  Written by KayLee Parker, a professional organizer since 1992, it takes the old adage, “if you want to get organized, make a list” and simplifies the process by making the Lists for you—125 Lists of every style and kind to organize your personal life. 

 Secret of Getting Organized

Secret 1 will be shared with you now—making a List is not easy.  It takes time and clear thinking to make a complete List, a list that doesn’t leave off important items.  For example, have you ever gone traveling and wished you’d remembered to pack your camera?  Or on Thanksgiving, did you forget the whipped cream for the pumpkin pie?  Your lists may be incomplete because you don’t have the time to sit down and clearly define everything that should be included on a packing list or a grocery list.

More Than a Book

Books are great instructors, but new technology includes new ways to share self-help information.  So KayLee intends to give you more than just a book.

In 2004, KayLee and her book were chosen by QVC in a competition they call product search to sell to their nation wide audience on their television station.  Out of about 1400 entries, KayLee was one of the 3% (around 60 products) that went on the air.  QVC likes special value for their customers, so KayLee developed a compact disc to be included with all books sold on QVC.  On that compact disc are all the 125 Lists included in the book, Lists for Muddle Management, ready to be printed at your house.  No longer do you have to scan or copy the Lists from the book.  Now you could easily print them out.

As a bonus to you, I am including the CD in the back of your book which is valued at $9.95, and there is no additional charge for this compact disc. Absolutely F-R-E-E.


Contains over 125 Lists / 285 pages

KayLee's instructions--to organize your life

Two Sections--One--Basic Organization

How to use To-Do Lists and Calendars

   Section Two--The Power of Lists

Personal Information Household maintenance
Household set-up Automobile maintenance
Food--Planning / Buying / Storage Money management
Clothing--Planning / Coordinating / Care Desk / Papers / Filing
What to take--when you leave the house Travel / Vacation
Entertainment / Wedding Christmas / Holidays
Moving Organize children
Divorces / Funerals Books / CDs / DVDs / Storage areas

Choose from hundreds of detailed chores

Learn to Delegate / Defer / Delete

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$2.95 (Never offered at this price)includes 125 Lists for printing on your computer

Why the Lists are great for Travel: I find that your lists are so helpful. Some of the lists I would have never thought of in my whole life. I have the list for packing printed out and ready to use for out motorcycle trip out west, ready to go. Of course we'll have to pack much lighter.... Plus we can send on some of our clothes and then send some back by UPS. You just can't pack 2 weeks worth of clothes on our bike. Your list does make it so much easier for us.
Thank you again,


Note from KayLee:  While the Lists on the website help many people, if you would like to read about my complete organization system you will need to purchase the book.  This book gives my in depth analysis of the problem of disorganization and how to change ingrained habits that have led you to struggle with personal and household challenges.

Some of you are skeptical of another organization book without much substance.  Lists for Muddle Management is packed with the information I believe you need to gain control of your life and establish future goals while managing today.  I never deviate from my belief that Lists, pre-made and filled with vital information, will improve the lives of people of all ages, cultures and beliefs. 

Getting organized is a desire of human beings throughout this earth.  An individual feels that their life would improve if they could get rid of the clutter in their house which in turn would get rid of the frustration in their mind.  I agree.  List Organizer's mission is to help people overcome everyday anxiety and to make your life easier.  I do the work and you gain the reward. 

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