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Three Styles of Grocery Lists / Two Menu Planners

Meal Planning--Learn how to plan meals one week at a time (or up to a month at a time) and quit the "what's for dinner" guilt trip when you're tired and out of food.

Grocery List $3.95
bulletCategory Write In
25 page pad, two-sided.  8 1/2 x 11 inches
bulletNineteen category areas.  Write in your  personalized grocery list in pre-made category  clusters.   Good choice for the shopper that compares a major number of weekly advertisements or likes to write in specific brand names and unique grocery items. A large form to compare grocery store advertisements is on the back.   Printed on color offset press.
Item #: 210
SOLD OUT--Do Not Order


Grocery List  $3.95
bulletAlphabetical Check Off

Pad of 25, two-sided,       8 1/2 X 11

bullet200 commonly purchased foods are listed  alphabetically. Circle the triangle next to each food to specify which item to buy.  An extra 62 household, health and beauty products are listed on the reverse side.  Good choice for the shopper that buys general food items or needs help thinking about what they need in the cupboard. Good to put on the refrigerator if you have many people adding to the list.  Ocean blue colored border with dark blue text.    Printed on color offset press. 
Item #: 220



Grocery List  $3.95
bulletCategory Check Off

Pad of 25, two-sided.       8 1/2 x 11 inches

bullet15 major food categories with over 200 foods  grouped under their best category.  (Example:  the Bakery Category has a listing of Bagels through Pies.) An additional 62 household, health and beauty products are listed on the reverse side.  Good for the shopper that goes to sections in the aisles of each store and wants to buy everything in that area.  Cranberry colored border with dark blue text. Compare grocery store advertisements List is on the back.       Printed on color offset press.  
Item #: 230

bulletExample: MAIN DISH
Pot Roast
bulletList Grocery Items Needed:
Beef Roast
Dry Onion soup mix
Vegetable Medley
bulletList Grocery Items Needed: Red skinned potatoes Baby Carrots,
Broccoli Green Pepper
bulletList Grocery Items Needed: Rolls from bakery,  Butter
Ice cream
bulletList Grocery Items Needed: Mint chocolate chip ice cream
bulletList Grocery Items: Buy store brownies


You've planned 1 meal and your grocery list


 Menu Planner $3.95
bulletWeekly / 7 Day   Pad of 25 two-sided.  8 1/2 x 11 inches
bulletPlan 7 days of meals and a grocery list in one easy step

List your Entree, Side Dishes and Beverage or Dessert 


Plan breakfast, lunch and dinner or only your main meals.


Next to each item, list the grocery ingredients needed to prepare that recipe. 


Quickly you have your meals planned and your grocery list completed   


Space for 150 menus. 

Item #: 240

Menu Planner $3.95
bulletThese lists are for people who want a permanent reminder of their favorite menus so they can reference them when planning daily menus. 
bulletPre-planning your menus saves you minutes each time you plan your weekly menus.
bulletOrganize menus according to main dish.  One page might contain all your chicken or beef entrees.  Another page could have your Oriental or Mexican food favorites.  Add the side dishes you like with each entree.
bulletUnderneath each item, list the grocery ingredients needed to prepare that recipe.  When you are at a loss for meal ideas, reference these lists and quickly plan your weekly meals.

Reference these permanent lists again and again.

Item #: 250

Do you like getting your information by downloading files from the Internet?  List Organizer offers the Power of Lists through a subscription website, only $11.95 a year to download 140 plus Lists.

Printed Publications

A book, Lists for Muddle Management, includes KayLee's advice for getting organized plus 125 Lists printed together with a downloadable CD. 
bulletIn addition List Organizer publishes grocery lists, menu planners, travel /packing organizers and budget planners.

When you want your information quickly (within 24 hours) download Lists for Muddle Management as an E-Book.  Special, $.99

99 Cent Special

Compact Discs

List Organizer offers two compact discs

bulletFirst CD includes the entire book (288 pages) and may be printed in its entirety or downloaded one page as needed.
bulletSecond CD includes 125 Lists for downloading without KayLee's advice.


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