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List Organizer's Book available as an Electronic Book

Contains over 125 Lists and KayLee's instructions

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I admit that I've only downloaded two books so the concept of setting up an electronic book for download (e-book for short) was intimidating to me.  All the experts advised that I needed the book in 3 different formats:  a printed book, the book on CD Rom, and an E-book.  It's been fascinating for me to understand how easy it is to get my e-book to you through the Internet.
Customers in New Zealand or Singapore or the Netherlands are now able to have a copy of my book put on their computers so they may read it and print out Lists for their personal use.  With the limitations of physical shipping of a book or a CD, I didn't know this would be possible.  Plus, there is no cost for shipping.
PayPal is my merchant account and they accept United States dollars, Canadian Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euros and Yen.  For this product (the E-book) I will accept any of those currencies.  It may take a day for PayPal to send me a confirmation of the exchange and for me to accept, but you may pay in any of those currencies and I'll pay the exchange rate since this product is for a world wide audience. 
The book, Lists for Muddle Management, may be downloaded by anyone with a computer using either a Windows or Macintosh operating system.  That includes almost all of you.  I've had people throughout the United States download the book and it took them from 1 minute to 7 minutes, so it's a quick process.  It depends on your modem speed or connection speed.  It takes no special hardware or software.  It's a PDF file, easily read with Adobe Reader.
There is no special computer, technical experience required.  The computer seems to know what to do and takes over the process.  But if you get into trouble, we'll help you figure out the problem or we'll refund your money. 
The required user name and password will be sent to you within 24 hours and then you may download at your convenience.

  99 cents sale price  (No Shipping Charges)

   Sale Price  99 cents  (Regular $21.95)  Lists for Muddle Management, 286 pages  

The E-book is on a secure site and you will need a user name and password to download the book.  The user name and password required to access the E-book will be sent within 24 hours to the e-mail address you give to PayPal on their secure site.  Or if you send a check, the user name and password will be e-mailed to you the day we receive your order. You will be downloading the book within 24 hours. 

 Adobe Acrobat Reader  may be downloaded for free to read the book or you may have it on your computer system. 

ORDERING INFORMATION:  List Organizer accepts credit card payments (Visa or Master Charge) through PayPal which also accepts debit payments from a bank account. You may use your existing account if you are all ready a member or sign up for free with no further obligations.    OR: You may send a check or money order to List Organizer, P.O. Box 853, Hurricane UT 84737--use the easy Mail Order Form.  Do not add shipping charges for the e-book.