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Back to School Organization Tips--2017

Help for Parents--Make Life Easier 

  Get a copy of each child’s class schedule
Establish an spot where important papers that need a parent’s attention.  get out of the backpacks and into the box or folder.
  At the end of each day—not in the rush of the morning—go through the “Important Papers” box and fill out forms or write checks and return them to the backpacks.
Get a family calendar displayed on a bulletin board or the refrigerator. 
Transfer upcoming events from the “Important Papers” box to the calendar.
Circle items on calendar that require a carpool or ride
  Coordinate the school lunch problem at least a week at a time.  Go to the bank for cash each Saturday or buy a lunch card for the week/month or buy the food for packed lunches and put the food in a “Do Not Snack” area of a cupboard or refrigerator.
  Display the school lunch menu close to calendar (usually found in newsletter or newspaper)
  Create a file folder or large manila envelope for each child for all the keepsake papers, drawings and small items they bring home from school.  Include:  Name, Age of Child, Grade in School, Year 
As a family, establish a secret password (such as ‘peanut butter and jelly’) that must be given by any adult transporting younger children so they know the person is approved by Mom or Dad.
Most schools put out a list of school supplies.  Buy now on the sales.