Spring Cleaning

Home Up

About once a year we all the get the urge to really clean the house.  We used to call this spring cleaning, but it can be done anytime.  There are some heavy duty cleaning jobs that take more muscle and time.  This list has a few of those chores listed for those Saturdays when you just feel like cleaning. 


Cupboard and Drawers Outdoors
bulletWash or replace shelf paper
bulletClean downspouts
bulletOrganize drawers (one a week is good)
bulletClean roof gutters
bulletStraighten cupboards
bulletReplace faulty roof parts
bulletClean out medicine cabinets
bulletPaint exterior
bulletClean driveway and garage floor concrete
bulletRemove junk / garden clippings
bulletFlush drains
bulletReplace / fix broken play equipment
bulletClean faucet heads and handles
bulletClean or repaint mailbox
bulletDrain hot water heater / Clean
bulletMove outdoor furniture from storage / Paint
bulletClean septic tank / add activator
bulletStore outdoor furniture for winter
bulletChange water purification filters
bulletClean barbecue grill
bulletSetup sprinkler system for season (or drain)
bulletStraighten garage
bulletClean trash out of window wells
bulletDo insect / pest check
bulletDust or vacuum radiator
bulletClean patio
bulletBleed radiator
bulletRinse outside walls / siding
bulletVacuum and wash heat registers
bulletRepair nails in siding
bulletHave heating system cleaned
bulletRepair caulk on siding
bulletChange furnace (blower) filter
bulletWash windows and screens
bulletChange air conditioner filter
bulletService furnace / lubricate
bulletStraighten blade fins on convectors
bulletOrganize loose keys / padlocks
bulletLubricate electric heaters
bulletWash out trash pails / waste baskets
bulletClean humidifier / or de-humidifier
bulletWash brooms and mops
bulletClean / service ceiling fans 
bulletChange smoke detector batteries--twice a year
bulletRemove fireplace ashes (after they cool)
bulletCheck fire extinguishers
bulletHave chimney/wood burning stove cleaned
bulletTake down the outdoor Christmas lights.
bulletPurchase firewood or coal
bulletPolish staircase rails
bulletClean gas burners in fireplace
bulletService clocks
bulletClean fireplace bricks and glass
bulletService vacuum (bag, roller, belts)
bulletClean wood burning stove
bulletService appliances


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