Places I Need to Go Today Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

Attorney's Office / Legal Library (Books, Card, Research Materials)
Auto Shop Music Store / Music Lessons / Dance Lessons
  Bank or Credit Union (Cash  / Checks signed / Deposit slips filled in / ATM or Debit Card / Papers / Items for Safe Deposit Box / Payments)   Office Supply Store
  Barber Shop / Beauty Shop   Physician (Insurance papers / ID card / Payment)
  Child Pre-school / Day Care   Post Office (Letters / Stamps / Return address labels / Envelopes / Packages / Mail Box key / Money)
Church Restaurant
  Dentist (Insurance papers/ ID card / Payment)   School
Department Store Shopping Mall
Discount Store Specialty Store
  Dry cleaners (Clothes / Bedding / Draperies / Hangers)   Sporting Event / Practice
  Furniture Store   Telephone Office
Garden Shop / Nursery Theater (Movie or Live performance)
Government Offices Thrift Store (Drop off donations)
Grocery Store (Grocery List /  Coupons / Money or check / Cooler) Utility Department
Hardware Store Veterinarian / Pet Groomer / Pet Store
Insurance Office Video Store (Tapes / DVD / ID card)
  Landlord / Mortgage Company   Take Keys: House, Auto, Mail box, Office
  Laundry (Dirty clothes, etc. / Detergent / Fabric Softener / Money / Hangers / Plastic bags / Laundry Basket)   Take:  Wallet / Purse / Credit or Debit card / Checkbook / Cell phone / Briefcase / Eye glasses / Tissues / Medications / Return merchandise with receipt