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This page contains some of the e-mails I receive from you.  Thank you for your encouragement and feedback to know that you are being helped to Get Organized.

What a wonderful site!!!! I am so excited ....I have been searching list sites forever, some good some bad.......then I came across yours. Now don't laugh but.......I have wiped my computer clean of ALL other list and organize sites....threw EVERYTHING away....
YOUR SITE JUST SIMPLIFIED MY LIFE. Which I'm sure you would agree to clear up confusion and the feeling of being over whelmed......I need to just....KISS.....keep it simple silly!! Again thank you and look forward to more from your site!!

THANKS!! I love the lists. I have been working hard to fight for myself with having a place for everything. I finally (at 54) have decided I've had enough of constantly looking for things. I've also been working on downsizing, just because most of the stuff we store, we don't and won't ever use. I love to share those things with my friends who haven't been married 29 years! They love it and need it! I made the commitment to not fix my attic for storage so I would limit myself to what I can store in a small area in my basement room and inside the garage (as I have a decent sized garage). Your lists will help me tremendously and I appreciate you creating them. That's why we all need each other - - for the gifts we have! Thanks again. Patty

I just want to take the time to thank you for your work!  I know how much it means to me to find that I make a difference for someone, and I think you may need to hear it too. My life has changed as I have worked to get my life in order, and you have played a part in that! I am blessed! I now have a car, a place to live that I love going home to, and I got to visit my daughter last weekend to see her GRADUATE from HIGH SCHOOL! You get organized the same way you eat an elephant...one bite at a time. Thanks for making me hungry enough to bite the elephant! Kasmira

You helped me maintain my sanity while moving to our new home 2 yrs ago and since! I enjoy your positive attitude and although I don't usually "write in" want you to know that you HAVE made a difference. I wish you luck and hope to continue to follow along with future projects and suggestions. Elle

It was interesting to me to how you actually live your advice. You have for years been like a dear personal friend, yet an amazing mentor for me also. I am very grateful to you for all your help.
For years you have shown all of us how to change (re-invent) our lives by organizing it into a workable plan that fits who we are and where we are in our lives. Now you are once more showing us how to re-evaluate where we are at this time and how to use our time and efforts more effectively. Sometimes that means small changes and sometimes it means significant changes. All changes can help make our lives and others’ lives better too. IThank-you, Judy

I have read a few articles such as this, but yours just really hit home. There are things to be thankful for - this recession seems to be taking us back to some more simple, basic ways of life, which, in my book, are healthier. And this reflects people's basic capacity for common sense. Sometimes I think the media paints us as less able to cope than we really are. Thank you again for the lift in spirits! Sally in Maine

Thank you for the boost to my spirits that your letter provided. This is a very patience testing time of year. Ive lost many friends, and Christmas has the opposite effect in boosting my cheer from the season that it used to. I was uplifted by the tone of your message. I missed the train to Klamath Falls, where my family lives, two days in a row last year. That resulted in my spending Christmas alone with my cats, who were my immediate family. It;s all good though. Again, I thank you for your positive message. Season;s Greetings and Merry Christmas. So many people fail to remember the reason for the season.
God Bless and peace be with you, Doug

My biggest struggle is not keeping the ball rolling, it is getting it rolling again after an interruption.  I seem to stay in confusion for days, not really knowing what to do. Some routines have helped, but I am very visual (and a tad ADD according to all the info I've read)  and I am hoping and praying the lists are the answer?  So cool.
God bless!  Sally

I'm am and autistic person and list are essential to autistic persons, so that's the reason why I would like to use them as soon as possible. I am a member of several autistic groups and am giving lectures upon autism and how to cope whit that. The mean problem is always that we know how to do a thing but that we just can not get started with it, and if we start on a task then we are always disturbed if  we do not have a written down scheme of how to perform a certain task. Take a cook book and just try to make a thing, you will always get a  bad result because the writer of the cook book if knowing some things which are essential but is just not mentioning those things in his-her book. That information the writer is withholding is the reason why you can not make any recipe out of a cook book with a good result and the same goes for us. Every little step has to be explicited to us, otherwise we just forget a single thing and then we get a bad result or we just block in the process or start doing the same thing again not knowing what we did wrong, but we just did everything the right way but keep getting a bad result because of not explicited information.
> A good problem of an autistic problem is taking a train. You get to the train station and your train is always starting from gate 7, so you go to gate seven and get up the train, even the days that the train is not starting from gate 7 but from another gate.  I hope your lists will help me and other autistic persons.  
> Kind regards 

I find that your lists are so helpful. Some of the lists I would have never thought of in my whole life. I have the list for packing printed out and ready to use for out motorcycle trip out west, ready to go. Of course we'll have to pack much lighter.... Plus we can send on some of our clothes and then send some back by UPS. You just can't pack 2 weeks worth of clothes on our bike.You list does make it so much easier for us.
Thank you again,


"KayLee, I think List Organizer is fantastic! There are so many lists I'd never have thought of - and all those categories!! I really love it. You've saved me oodles of time since the lists are already made for me and I've always been what I call a compulsive ""list maker"". Anything that can simplify life in this crazy day and age is truly welcome!! Thank you! Nancy

Miss Kaylee,
As a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, I have been running a very efficient household around the World, at least 12 countries, no my man is not in the military, just a historian and writer......I find your list to be so right-on. Today I had decided that I am tired of being in one house for too long and told my man, lets give this house to our bachelor daughter and go off exploring until these old bones turn to dust. Suddenly I thought, God heavens, she knows nothing of maintaining a home, I'll make a list. So sitting on the deck I started, suddenly I thought of Good old machine out in the writers hut and I'll check up, and I found you.  You are perfect, if I were a man I would kiss your hand.
So I have saved all your list for her. I'll print them out and bound them in plastic sleeves. So from Finland with Love, I will always be grateful for you. You can see I'm not the writer in the family. Off to the lawyer to change the title of the house now. She will be surprised when we give her the deed. Hope one day you come to Finland, its a great place except for mid-June to mid-July, mosquitoes. Any other time. Even the long dark winters are enchanting.

I saw a note about your site on a mailing list and I think it is wonderful.  The barebones no-nonsense things that people want to do and often forget. I think your lists would be very helpful for people with mental illnesses or in hospitals as well, because the lists cover everything. And often times you can forget the basics if you become ill. (I was diagnosed with schizophrenia 15 years ago, so I remember clearly what it can be like.)
In the meantime I plan to recommend your site and books to all of my friends and health-care providers.
If you are ever interested in trying the same thing in Japanese, let me know. I am an American living in Japan. Thank you for providing an outstanding service!

I just ordered your list organizer book and cd.  I hope that it lives up to my expectations because this is something that I have been searching for for many years.  I have ADD and find it very difficult to stay consistent with my meal time for my family of 8.  I will report back to you if it is successful.  Advertising to adults with ADD (which there are many) might be a wonderful avenue for your product to reach a growing target market.  Thanks, Frances

I told you that to let you know that as I try to keep up the pace with this old world, I find your information and lists absolutely, positively, extremely, life-savingly (is that a word!?) wonderful. I've always been active and these complications in my life are hard to deal with and if I can only get these piles of stuff that I've accumulated out of my house it would be heavenly. And I'm trying. Thank you for sharing with everyone your knowledge and skills. IT IS APPRECIATED.

"My sister is planning her wedding, and your list helped sooo much! I found lots of uses for me later! Thank you very much. Jodi  Beginner List Organizer! "

KayLee, The help with your wonderful lists has changed my life!!! And my husbands life (not to mention kids), I can not thank you enough. I do not have the kind of mind that can organize but with your help..I went from chaos to order in every way..God Bless You.

"You are just awesome!!!" "joyi

Thank you your lists have been very helpful. Having a month to clean an entire area is much more helpful to me. I need that time. Cynthia

 I am 27 yrs old and was diagnosed with systemic lupus 8 yrs ago. Along with the lupus, I have fibromyalgia. To get to my point, my house has been messy for the most part of the last 5 yrs (when I started declining health wise). All your various lists help tremendously! My children now have a list to go off of and no more excuses.

Friends joke that I even have a list of my lists. They're right.  So when I stumbled upon your site while looking for a better way to organize my paper files, I turned at once to your list of filing categories. It is very much like the one I have used for years, but I found I liked the way you organized it better in some cases. For example, I have Funeral in a separate category. That makes no sense. Obviously Estate is the better place. Also, I like your Prescriptions under Medical rather than Health where I have had them. 
I also printed out your list of Important Papers. I haven't checked it against mine as yet but I'll bet you included one or more I haven't thought of. So this is a thank you, and best wishes for your continued success. Harry

Thank you for all the work you put into making the lists.  They are a great help

you should win an academy award for this web site, I am so disorganized right now and want to get back on track.... I now have the lists and the incentive to do this, I really was having a hard time starting because it seemed so overwhelming..you saved my house...thank you...b

"What an awesome site! Almost a year ago, I left a great job for an even greater one... I am able to stay home and raise my two boys (and maybe a few more down the road). I was always very organized at work and thrived on a deadline. Now that I'm home and have all day to complete my tasks, I feel like I don't know where to start! I don't know if others feel this way, but it is almost embarrassing! I'm amazed that I had so much responsibility while I was working outside the home and was able to be so productive. What happened? I have been looking for time-saving ideas for a long time. I was so excited to have come upon your website and can't wait to see what you add later on! I have printed a few of the lists that you offer. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm sure you'll see an order from me for your great book very soon. Keep up the great work. I'm sure you have motivated so many people just like me. Thanks for your Dedication - Lori

"What a fantastic site you have! I have been trying so hard to get my file system organized and you have provided me EXACTLY what I need. THANK YOU" "Darlene Flowers"

"I found your web site quite by accident and I'm so glad I did! I'm writing a curriculum for high school consumer resource management classes and your lists have given me lots of great ideas, as I'm trying to develop classes to simulate real activities in the home. While I won't use your information as is, it's given me so many ideas of info to cover. Thank you! You really do have a lot of complete info!" "Sharon

"Dear Kay, All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. These lists are great!!!. Helen

 "Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful website you have. Out of frustration of trying to teach my two teenage stepdaughters the correct way to keep house, I began surfing the web and found all of these wonderful lists. I've decided that a couple of times a week, we will sit down together and discuss the proper ways of doing things with giving them a binder to keep all of the info to take with them when they start a home of their own. I'll try to keep you informed of our progress. Thanks and God bless. Sincerely,  "Debbie

"Dear Kaylee, What a great site. This is what the internet should be used for. I started making my camping list and then wondered if there was anything on the web that could help. Thanks a lot Ernie"

Amazing. I just was going crazy on what i was going to have to think of and come up with for my new house, all the lists i needed were all right on your website!! I just cant thank you enough, May God Bless you Dearly!! Thanks!!!!!*Cassie

"Very useful List Organizer, even for a 68-yr old woman. However, I have a suggestion for another list I didn't see at your site: Taking care of an older parent/relative (i.e., I take care of my 93-yr old mother). Things to include might be Personal Care, Meal Care, Medical care, Planning for death, Financial matters, etc. I found your site on a web search at Yahoo.com." "Dorothy

"This web site has to be one of the best I have seen. It is helpful, easy to understand  KayLee, my life is so unorganized I thought I would go nuts! I have been searching the web for a while before I found you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Jean

"You're as obsessed as I am. A true soul-mate! Many thanks for inspiring organisation ideas, we could do with a more up-front approach to this subject in this country (UK) The English seem to think that being disorganised is attractive, eccentric, creative and must mean that you have someone else to do it all for you! Snobs! Regards Angie

Kaylee, Just a short note to say thank you for your ideas on organizing. As
we all do, I have a crazy schedule most of the time!
Your lists keep me sane!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for helping people lead more
focused, goal oriented, lives. It makes them feel like their dreams really
can become reality.  Sincerely,                                 Karen

I found your website at just the right time.  I have a 3 year old and a 20 month old and have felt very out of control lately.  I feel the need to become organized ag ain.  Your lists are proving very helpful.   Thanks so much and I look forward to visiting your website and using your products in the future. Sincerely, Kim

"ABSOLUTELY Brilliant!! I feel more organized by just looking at the lists!" "Peter

I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and have a lot of trouble keeping organized and getting things done.  With your lists, I've been able to stay on track with things like cleaning and packing, things I've always had so much stress and trouble with.  I've got a binder at home with sections for different areas of my life and I have printed out a lot of your checklists. and ideas to include in there.  Thank you so very much--you don't even know me, but you've made such a wonderful impact on my life.  To a lot of people this stuff seems so basic and simple, but there are also a lot of us out here that sometimes can't do the simple things on our down.  So thanks again.  Rachel

Hi there,
Just a quick note to thank you for your great helpful website. My husband and I avoid the file cabinet because we can't  remember the categories that I thought of at the time of creation. Using your lists makes it easier for both of us.  Your ideas were obvious once read but that's why we need great thinkers like you.  Thanks, Brooksey

Dear Kaylee:
Very happy to find your site. I fit a lot of descriptions of one of those people who are a virtual disaster when it comes to getting organized and staying that way. Got lots of papers all around and need a plan to solve it all. Biggest problems seem to be in determining what paper is important and should be kept and filed where it can be retrieved and what is not worth keeping. Setting other priorities is problem also. Happy to find your site. Jay

In viewing your site, I found your list of "What Goes In A Diaper Bag."
One thing that I've found that I enjoyed taking in my diaper bags is a camera & extra film. Batteries, on occasion also.  Maybe even a disposable camera. Babies grow so fast! Catching a moment on film can be fun and given to grandparents, friends, and relatives.
Not to mention if there is a car wreck, you can take photos of the damage. (My son was hit by a truck and the police did not take photos...oops?) Had a friend been there, she could have had a camera to document the event. This is just a suggestion for your list. Sheryl

"All I have to say is thank you so very much. You just took about three hours off of my trip planning." "Amber

"Hello Kaylee, a nice web-site you have there and handsome lists. I am autistic and your lists are a big help to persons with autism since we have to follow up lists. I have autism and am also helping persons with autism. 2003 is the European Year for Disabled PersonsGuy

Thanks a bunch for your helpful lists and tips to get organized. I love your help and have printed bunches of copies. I think being organized would help with the overwhelming stress of 5 children and a household. You are awesome. Mary

I belong to a Senior's Computer Club and an article about your site was in the newsletter.  I am a Marriage Celebrant, my husband is retired and we have eight grandchildren.  I have always been disorganized and hope your newsletters and website will help make life easier for me as sometimes I despair and don't find enough time for myself.  Marion

I think your web site is great. I really appreciate the lists and ideas. Michelle

"Thank you very much for all your wonderful lists! I found your site on a search engine. I've used the grocery list for my husband's trip to the store when I was ill. And I've used your travel lists for trips. Seems like you've covered everything --- you've done a wonderful service to all ""disorganized and harried"" folks! I've bookmarked this site!!!!! You are amazing. Suzi

 "Love your website. I've searched the web several times before for organization tips and yours is the best by far. brandie_

I was wondering if you have any plans on having an affiliate program.  I love your site and your lists and know of a lot of webmasters who would likely an affiliate program to promote it if you had one.  Keep up the great work!  I don't know where I'd be without you.  Warmly, Amy

This is a great site.  I am definitely putting it in my favorites.  I have a 16 year old who will be going to college soon and I am going to give her this site to keep for herself.  R

Awesome!!!!  Thank you!!!!  This was an incredible resource for my family.  Ruth

I am so pleased to have found your website.  It's fantastic.  I have already told friend how excellent your site is for disorganized people like me.  So many, many thanks.  Lynne (Britain)

KayLee, I am in awe of you and all of your lists.  You don't know just how badly I needed this website.  I truly look forward to organizing my house and household "things."  Thank you so much for taking the time to come up with all of these list for people to use.  You're  a lifesaver.  Sherri 

I was just about in tears when I found your website.  I have been lost not knowing where to begin to get my life back under control.  I was raised by a perfectionist mother.  Her perfectionism did not allow me to do and learn how to balance life, God, full time work, family, friends and home at the same time.  I have had the added difficulty to deal with all this along with a life threatening disease.  Now that I am in remission, I have been doing all of these things and more but with much chaos and disorganization.  I was so happy to see your lists.  I really have no problem with paying for something worthwhile, it's just that I have spent tons of money on gimmicks and books that really don't teach anything.  Thank you so much.  Judy

First, I would like to say that I truly admire the work you have produced for so many people to be able to use in our daily lives.  I absolutely love your website.  I was very excited to see that there will be a List Organizer book.  Aimee

Great website.  You put my thoughts into tangible lists.  Anji

I have recently been diagnosed with A.D.D.  I am 45 years old and have five children from 25 years down to 13 years.  I am a teacher teaching piano lessons in my home studio 3 days a week.  Needless to say I have a very difficult time staying organized.  I face the "overwhelmed" feeling daily.  I struggle with what to do first and I often shut down.  I am very behind in every room in my house.  This makes the organization dilemma snowball because it is harder to function when things are out of order.  I have read at least 6 books this year on the subject of organization.  Can you give us some advice other than to cut out 1/2 of what we do?  The shame I feel as a result--time and time again--is paralyzing and I have just kept myself distant from others so that I won't keep facing this shame over and over again.  I don't want to remain in this place any longer.  Thank you for any thoughts you may have.  Sincerely, Kathy

What a great site.  What a terrific service  I've told all my friends to check this out.  We are all "list" makers.  Thanks for saving me work and time.  Wendi

I love this website.  I am an inveterate list maker and I always forget things.  Having these lists ready made for me is wonderful.  Thank you so much.  Laurie

Do you know of any wardrobe inventory software that would display various co ordinations of clothing ensembles with text and images?  Add me to your newsletter list.   Sara

I am an avid list maker myself and I think this site is just great.  My home is littered with various post-it notes and lists in different colored inks indicating priority and category to the great amusement and sometimes irritation of my husband.  Heck, I'm very organized and have introduced him to the wonderful world of daytimers.  I like the sense of humor and lightness about this website.  L

I found your website through an Orlando television station.  I think it is highly interesting.  I could definitely use some organization.  Thanks.  Joan