Baby's Packing List

Name of Child___________________________

Plan Baby's Food Needed Per Day Multiply (x) by days on trip Equals (=) number needed
Formula  (Scoops per day)     # of cans
Juice     # of cans
Bottled water     # of bottles
Can / Jars of baby food     # of jars
Plan Baby's Clothes Needed Per Day Multiply (x) by days on trip Equals (=) number needed
Shirts or tops      
Rompers / Creepers / Diaper sets      
Sleepers / Gowns      
Socks / Tights      
Sweaters / Coats      
Dresses / Skirts      


Undershirts / Onesies      

(The total number assumes you will not be able to wash clothes on the trip.  Adjust the numbers if you have access to a washer / dryer.)

You will also need:

Personal care items

Backpack or sling Diaper rash ointment
Blankets First aid kit-bandages
Bottles / Nipples / Liners / Brush Hair brush / Comb
Burp pads Powder / Lotion
Car seat / Carrier Scissors / Tweezers / Nail clippers
Changing pad Shampoo
Diaper Bag Soap / Soap dish
Dirty clothes bags Sunscreen / Lip balm
Laundry soap / clothesline Tissue / Wet wipes / Cotton swabs / Cotton balls
Pacifier Toothbrush / Toothpaste
Plastic bags Extras


Tickets & Identification (Passport or Birth Certificate) Eye drops
Toys Nose / Throat / Cough medicine

More clothes

Pain reliever

Hat / Headbands / Barrettes

Prescription medications
Shoes / Booties Vitamins
Swimsuit / Towel Extras

It takes planning to take a baby or small child on a trip.  Use this list with your customized additions.